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Brain scan results

From Analisa on 10/5/2016

After racing minds and nervous tummies trying to stay positive we are happy to report that JD’s brain scan is clean. There is always the chance that a brain met could pop up eventually but so far so good!! So we will take it and be happy and enjoy every day!! Next up…body scan end of the month and next brain scan won’t be until February!! I can’t speak highly enough about Dr. Reece and his team. He truly is an amazing, kind doctor and I love how much info he gives us!! Thank you all for your love and support!! #jdwalkstrong #cancersucks JDWalkStrong J.D. Walk Overlake Hospital Medical Center


From JD on 10/5/2016

After some great news from my radiologist (no remaining cancer on my brain!) I decided to go celebrate at my favorite bar… The barbell that is for the slow ones. I hit the chest hard to try and scare the rest of the remaining cancer in my lungs away! Not sure if it’s working but I could barely squeeze my hands together to wash them after my workout was compete. #walkstrongwednesday #jdwalkstrong #cancersucks #punishcancer #chestday #lifeisgood.

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